Adult chat image exchange

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“There is no single dominant messaging app player in India.” Whats App, which Facebook agreed to buy for as much as billion, has more than half a billion users globally and had 48 million active users in India as of April, according to Praveen Menon, an analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence.

The country is the second-largest wireless market by users.

Is there something like: \picture Field[] or something simmilar?

EDIT Thanks for the answer, but the problem is the media9 package.

“I still use Whats App more,” she said while waiting for the subway in New Delhi.

\documentclass[a4paper] \usepackage \begin[test] function Make Array(2); var text=new Make Array(2); text[0]='text111'; text[1]='text222'; Field("field").value=text[0]; \end % \begin \text Field[\BG\BC]\ \push Button[\A]\ \push Button[\A] \end But now i want to do the same with pictures in the same way that the picture changes by pressing the buttons.

Tokyo-based has almost 500 million users and said second-quarter revenue from its core business more than doubled to 18.2 billion yen (5 million) as it expands globally. But your mom and dad might.” The hidden feature allows users to protect messages via a password and is available for phones that use doesn’t conceal chats.

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“If I’m Bharti, I’m thinking I’m losing all of this SMS revenue, how do I get back in the game? “The answer is I create my own Whats App.” Free messaging services are also taking off in more developed markets such as Japan.

“Most Indian parents want to know what their children are doing with their phones,” said Sahni.

“My parents sit behind me on the couch and look over my shoulder.

She declined to say what value investors gave Hike in the latest fund-raising round.

“India has a big population and low smartphone penetration, so it will obviously become a big market,” Justin Lee, a Seoul-based analyst with BNP Paribas SA, said by phone.

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